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lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

Angela Merkel marketing Berlino

Angela Merkel gets new undies

Berliners on the city’s main shopping drag, the “Ku’damm”, were greeted Thursday with an unusual sight: a giant mocked-up image of Chancellor Angela Merkel in a matching purple bra and knicker set.
The 100-metre-square (1,000-square-foot) image of the half-naked world leader is part of a nationwide advertising campaign for an underwear company aiming to cash in on the success of a “cash-for-clunkers” scheme for old cars.
Punters trading in their old underwear will get a €5 discount on a new pair, the advert promises, under the slogan: “The country needs new undies.”
The electronic advert — on a busy road junction in the heart of former West Berlin — was certainly causing a stir on the streets, with scores of people taking snapshots of the billboard with cameras or mobile phones.

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